It was a great experience studying my own behavior to know the areas where there is lack of balance but I am proud I know my weaknesses and Insha Allah I will try my best to overcome them…..My coach Almas has guided me in a very appropriate manner and I hope with her help and guidance I will soon be able to become a more better and stronger person. Samina, Pakistan

The 7 Habits of Effective Teachers

“I was eager to give feedback as it was a great workshop. I got to learn a lot.”

~Maha, Pakistan October 12, 2017

“The only reason I could stay committed and focussed on my goals was because Allah ALHAMDULILLAH has blessed me with the most awesome coach, my mentor Almas Aunty.”

∼Farhat Aziz, Pakistan, October 13, 2017

” This confidence and this ability to cope would never have been possible without your guidance, support, love, encouragement and prayers. Thanks a lot!!”

~Farhat Aziz, Pakistan ,  October 05, 2017

” I found my coaching session with Almas really helped me to understand my fears and what was holding me from taking the first step towards my goal.”
~ Shaista , United Kingdom October 03, 2017