“Life begins each morning.” Joel Olsteen


There is always a new beginning, a new chance to live again, to follow your dreams and fulfill your passion. I was at a family gathering and my niece, a mother of three young kids, was sharing how she’s always stressed. She said she worried about everything and everyone. It was affecting her health and total quality of life. I asked her what was the barrier to change and she said, “Oh no, I’ve been like this all my life. It’s too late now!” Really? Is it ever too late to change, to grow and say yes to life?


One thought on ““Life begins each morning.” Joel Olsteen

  1. Misbah

    The first thing to change is become aware and the second is acceptance … change is one thing which is always constant in life … when one allows self to change then things keep changing and a person keeps growing … Change should be our friend which we should keep always by our side …

    Life goes on and moving with the flow keeps us going …💕


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