Eat to live, not live to eat!

As life is taking on new meanings and societal norms are becoming more complex, along with a host of other health issues, obesity has surfaced as one of the major health concerns around the globe. There are various causes of obesity, like a sedentary life style, physiological or psychological imbalance, etc. One of them which is …

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Find Your Passion To Sparkle In Your Universe!

“I really should get going,” said Sara, halfheartedly, picking up her bag and car keys. She had a load of chores to get done before the kids came home from school. Then another set of duties before her husband got home, then dinner, sleep, end of another day, and tomorrow, the beginning of another. She …

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Arsonist or Fire Fighter?

Remember that fake news is a living media and your forwarding, is its oxygen. Stop forwarding and it dies. People who create or propagate fake news (and you may unwittingly be one of them) are like arsonists who go around setting fires. Remember that all fires burn and the result is always ash. It doesn’t matter who set the fire or why. Fire fighters are moral, sensible, responsible and put out fires. Ask yourself if you are an arsonist or a fire fighter.